Painting/Sculpture Experiences

Our creative community


Be part of our creative community and set up a workshop  through the medium of painting or sculpting. Every workshop is curated to the person’s vision. 

Learn to express yourself & nourish your soul


Through art, you can ignite your creative muscles to work in ways you might not usually think in. It allows you to expand your imagination.

Our painting experience will introduce you to the emotional flow of color and move your inner creativity to reality. Advanced Painting available too.

Take the art home


Custom Paintings by our in-house painter , Ivan C. Lopez. You can also wear his art with his Hand - painted apparel line. 


Private Painting Experience

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A unique private paint  class  with  our  in-house  artist,  Ivan  Lopez.  Book  now  or  contact  us  for  more  information.  

Menu / Price List

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